New Orleans 3/9/16

Hello friends and family! 

I think I'll start posting some photos on this website again! It's taken a while for me to get back on here, but here it goes. Here are some photos from our recent trip to New Orleans for one of my best friends' weddings. Brittany and I were randomly roomed together our freshman year in college, when Facebook was only available for a few colleges (not ours) and flip phones were popular. I'm so glad we have stayed in touch for thirteen years!

We stayed in the Treme Historic District which is walking distance to the French Quarters. It was awesome. Here are some photos from our trip to the WWII Museum, the rehearsal dinner at the first pharmacy in the country, wedding at Latrobe's on Royal, and a swamp tour!

Also, if you see the house on the swamp photo, it was completely flooded by Hurricaine Katrina. 20-25 feet of water! 

Wedding Video!

We are so excited to post our wonderful wedding video! Thanks to Jake Colletta and his crew for creating this wonderful piece of art!

Wedding Photos Part 1

Hello Everyone!

I am so excited to post some of our wedding photos. Our photographer, Allie Mullin, has been a friend of ours for over 5 years. She actually took photos of Nathan's band, Nathan Oliver, in 2007. She is so wonderfully talented and such a pleasure to be around. We hope you enjoy our wonderful photos as we have!


Wedding Photos Part 2

Now for the wedding party! We had our best friends to be right by our side for our wedding weekend. I couldn't have asked for a more helpful, loving, and supporting (and hardworking!) group to be with us. We are so grateful for each and every one of them.. We had such a good time taking these pictures, as you will see! I'll continue to add more pictures throughout the next few weeks, so stay tuned!


Rehearsal Dinner

Here are some photos from Nathan's Uncle Zak and my good friend Carey, taken at the rehearsal dinner.

It was held at Sandwhich Cafe in Chapel Hill, NC. It was beautifully decorated and completely transformed for Nathan and I. Nathan's mom, Debbie, her best friend Lorraine, Aunt Kathy, Aunt Janet, my brother Stephen's girlfriend Soojin, and Carey worked tirelessly to get it ready for us to enjoy.

Hope you enjoy the photos!


Wedding Photos!

We are so lucky to have the wonderful and talented Allie Mullin take photos at our wedding. She was even able to send us some photos within 24 hours of our wedding! So, here are a few... We had so much fun and are so thankful to all of our friends and family that were able to lend their helping hands to make our day so special! A huge thanks to Sara Fields and her crew for going above and beyond to help us make everything run smoothly and look beautiful.

We love to see all the photos and videos everyone took as well! Use #nathanniewedding so we can find them!!



Leave a comment below and let us know what you think!

-the newlyweds

Meet the Wedding Party

We are so excited to have our friends and family traveling from ALL over the country (and world!) to be in our wedding.  Here is a little about everyone involved in the wedding!


Pastor Josh Holland

Pastor Josh has been so gracious in meeting with us and helping us with the ceremony. He and his wonderful wife Beth are traveling from Charlotte, NC and have become great friends with us these last few months. He preaches at UpsideDown Church in Charlotte, where Nathan and Annie visit when they are in town. 

The wedding ceremony will be held at Ephesus Baptist Church in Chapel Hill, NC. 



Stephanie Bui will be playing the piano at the church and my sister Paulina will play the guitar during the ceremony. We are so excited to have our family participate in this event!

On the Brides Side:

The Matron of Honor:

Savannah Vomacka: Savannah has been my best friend since we met in the 6th grade at Smith Academy in Charlotte. She is the most artistic, mindful, caring person I know and I try to be more like her everyday!



Rebekah Avigliano: We also met in the 6th grade and stayed together through college.  I was in Rebekah's wedding to Fabian, another one of my closest friends. Rebekah and her mom Patty would pick me up for church every Wednesday starting in the 6th grade even though now I know it was completely in the opposite direction! My dad attributes my "studying ability" to her, and our "all nighters" studying (and sometimes dancing).

Ashley Bennett: My former room mate of two years, Ashley has been with me through a lot! All of my races, a lot of training and post race pain and suffering, and unbelievably she warmed me up to loving a small little creature (shown below) who was our other room mate... (not talking about Eric :P)

Stephanie Bui: Steph is my sweet cousin who will be traveling all the way from Hong Kong for my wedding. She is studying abroad through UNC Chapel Hill for a year, living in Copenhagen, then Hong Kong. She is also the pianist at our wedding ceremony, playing our favorite songs from the movies Amelie, Up, and some classic favorites as well.

The photo below was of two pictures taken about 14 years apart!

Lindsay Carlton: Dr. Lindsay (future Spears) is my best friend that I met here in Chapel Hill. We really have seen each other grow and definitely have seen each other through some crazy times. We lived across from each other for a few years, and I practically lived at her apartment while she was in dental school! She has been my go-to for all kinds of wedding questions!! 


Paulina Evers: My so talented and favorite sister (heehee), Paulina is coming from Charlotte, and will be playing the guitar at the wedding ceremony. I am so excited and happy about this! Paulina is 7 years younger than me, but I talk to her daily and so glad we are so close even though we aren't in the same city!

Lisa Nguyen: Lisa is traveling from Florida for our wedding. You'll be able to pick her out because she is the most stylish person in any room. We lived together growing up in middle and high school, and I was so lucky to have "two closets" full of clothes since she always let me borrow anything, even if I potentially (and did) ruin a few things over the years!! (Ummm, sorry about that cuz!)

On the Grooms Side:

The Best Man:

Randal White: What can I say about my dad??  He has looked after me since I was a little guy (alongside my lovely mom, Debbie).  I strive to be like him every day as I treat patients and thank him for my abilities in science and my success in school.



Stephen Chu: Stephen is Annie's older (and favorite) brother. He is Annie's very first best friend. He has graciously designed and printed all of our wedding invitations, and printed the bridal portraits that will be displayed at the wedding. He is traveling from Irvine, California with is wonderful girlfriend Soojin. 

Jason Moore: Jason and I met the first week of dental school and have been friends since! We went on rotation through dental school in Australia for a month in 2007.  I worked at his dental office near Winston-Salem from 2011-2014.  He's very crafty and built a fully functioning electric guitar I designed in school!

Eric Morgan: Eric and Annie went to high school together, and we were practically roommates for 2 years in Durham when I would come to visit Annie.  We both love making music, UNC Basketball, and Halloween parties.

Peter VanLund: Peter and I met in the dorms at UNC-Chapel Hill, he lived on the floor above me.  We bonded over good music, movies and TV.  We became great friends and have been for years!  He now lives in Seattle with his wife Nicole, but we try not to let a couple thousand miles hinder our friendship.

Alex White: My middle brother, and aside from a diamond earring phase at NC State, a pretty good guy.  One of the most talented and considerate people I know.  He just moved back to Raleigh and I'm excited to have him closer!

Harrison White: My youngest brother who I can count on for motivation.  He's always energetic and eager to make a new friend.  He just moved to Boston to go to optometry school, so I'll be visiting soon!

Honorary Groomsmen Cat


Circa 2007

Ollie all grown up, posing as a human.

Invitations and Calligraphy

I sit here on this nice Friday night, watching Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1. We have been renting these one by one from the Durham County Library (they have a whole wall of DVDs to rent for free!). I caught on to the Harry Potter phenomenon a good 10 years late it seems. I have been trying to read the books, then watch the movies, but I got a little impatient have skipped the last few books!

So, I guess we are what you call "cable cutters" as our friend Christine called us, since we don't have cable, but just stream weekly shows from the internet to our TV. Thus, the movie rentals have increased since we've already watched all of Downton Abbey Seasons 1-4, and can't seem to find any new shows to watch this summer. 

I just finished addressing some of the invitations. This definitely does not come naturally to me! My handwriting is pretty messy actually so this is more like artwork! I'm doing a more modern calligraphy, instead of the traditional Copperplate Style, which is almost mathematic in how exact it is. Every letter has to be a certain distance apart, and needs to be an exact height and width. I actually started learning this way, so doing the modern style which is a little more "flowy" is a lot more fun to me. I still have to get inspirations of art online because I can't come up with some of the letters on my own yet!

Here is our friend that is traveling very far! Gordon is coming all the way from Scotland. Nathan met him in London through a UNC study abroad program in 2001, and they have stayed in touch ever since. Gordon has visited us when he travels to the US, about every year since I've known Nathan.

I addressed about 75 invitations! Above is them laying out to dry. (I spy Zoidberg...)

After about four hours of addressing and a couple hand cramps, I knew I had to quit for the night when I made this error above. Now, I'm not the best with grammar, y'all, but I've NEVER, at least in the last twenty-some years, spelled "Brooklyn" wrong. The sad thing is, I didn't even catch it! Nathan was setting them to dry and said "Ummm, you spelled Brooklyn with an "I"!!". I had to see it to believe it. We had a nice laugh after that, and I packed up my pen holders, pencils, nibs, and ink containers and was finished for the night! 

Here are a couple more of my favorites:

Hope you enjoy! Now I need to watch this movie, and give my fingers a good rest...

Good night, 


Good Saturday Afternoon!

Hello everyone!

This is the 5th blog post so far i've posted on the website! If you want to read the others, just click the "View More Posts" button right below here on the front page. 

We are so glad that everyone has liked the website. Thank you for all your feedback and comments that you have posted! The wedding is 77 days away! Getting excited!

This weekend, Nathan and I are visiting Bath, NC at his parents river house. It is such a beautiful (and hot!) day today! Nathan ran a 5k with his dad, Dr. Randy, this morning while his mom and I relaxed by the water. I almost ran with them... It was tempting, but a little too hot for my taste! We plan on running the Cleft Palate Gallop on September 20th in Chapel Hill, NC. We have run it about 4 times now!

Here is us last year with our friend Kris Jordan. Before and after the race:

Wedding update time!

We just got the invitations to the wedding in the mail! Some have been asking how to RSVP. You can do it once you get the invitation, and can do it online or by mail. We wanted to make it easy for everyone. I will get my calligraphy skills back in to play when I start addressing, so hopefully I'll post some more photos of that soon. 

I hope everyone has a great rest of the weekend! Here are some photos we took today:

We just went fishing on the pier and caught 3 fish. We let them go, and had a little photo shoot while we were out there! I got some of his parents, too!


Welcome to our blog!

Hello everyone!

Thank you for visiting our website. We are so excited about the wedding coming up in November! I will be updating and writing in this blog to let you know our progress and different information about the wedding. So come back often to get the latest details on the wedding! Also, after the wedding I'll still update here about what we are up to and photos of our travels! We love to read your comments and would love to hear from y'all! This website (lovingly created by my talented friend and bridesmaid Ashley Bennett) is my first website and my first ever blog, so I will try my hardest to update it regularly and I will forewarn some inevitable grammatical errors (y'all is definitely a word, right?) and hopefully Nathan will flag them before too many people see it!

Here is our announcement in the Greenville Daily Reflector newspaper:


Newspaper announcement